Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Army of Heaven - Reprise

Last July I posted an account of an amazing incident that happened in 1827. At that time many people in Mendon, NY, and in Port Byron NY, saw a remarkable vision of an army of hundreds of soldiers marching across the sky. (For the full account click here.)  Heber C. Kimball was in Mendon and Brigham Young was in Port Byron at the time, but both (and they didn’t know each other at the time) saw the same vision.

Last week, on Oct. 30th, Patricia Giles left a comment on that blog entry telling me that her family saw the same vision and that they were living in Oswegathchee, NY, at the time. I don’t know if Patricia reads Good News! regularly or if she just happened upon that one entry and left a comment, but I would LOVE to talk to her more about this. So if you are Patricia, or if you know her please tell her to email me at

And if any of the rest of you have family stories about seeing  this vision, please let me know.

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