Wednesday, November 30, 2011

There's a Blessing In This Moment For You

This morning when I went out walking the rising sun had painted the puffy clouds a deep coral. It took my breath away and I stood there for a minute unable to walk on. Besides the brilliant colors the clouds looked like a layer of cotton balls and where they dipped and then rounded the color intensified and muted like the nuances of symphony music.

Since I’ve been endeavoring to Live in Truth one of the many blessings I’ve discovered is that in any given moment God is sending me something wonderful to see or hear or feel or smell or taste or experience. But I’ve spent most of my life so caught up with stressing, worrying, wishing, or fretting that I’ve missed most of it. Living in Truth has taught me to live in the moment—to look around and be aware and most of all to enjoy. Vexing over past and future gave me nothing but pain. Living in the present, like it did this morning, has given me so much joy.

Even when I was going through the battle with Grizelda and not knowing if I would die from cancer or be blind for the rest of my life, I found that by just forgetting about those possibilities and enjoying each moment as it came I could experience joy. If I became blind, then I would be blind. But I realized that by vexing about it before it happened I was already blind. It made more sense to enjoy the present in case I did go blind.

Try it. Stop whatever you are doing right now and look around for the blessing this moment holds. Listen. Look. Feel. Smell. Pay attention to the taste in your mouth. Whatever presents itself to you in this moment, savor and enjoy it. Then thank God for that blessing. If you do this pay close attention to the whole rest of your day because many more blessings will follow.


Wendi said...

Thank you for this good reminder. I'm thankful that Grizelda is under control and that you can still see. :)

Becky Rose said...

Thank you for this!