Friday, November 11, 2011

Living in Truth

D2- My very favorite nurse.

While talking to D2 yesterday she told me of an experience she had with Living in Truth. She has just begun an on-line university program to pursue her Master’s degree in nursing. This is something she has wanted to do this for years and was so excited, but after her first week she tried to log on one morning to do her daily assignment and was told she had been dropped from the program because she was ineligible.

It took a lot of work, many, many phone calls, and some down and out sleuthing to find where the problem was but finally it was discovered what had caused the glitch and she was reinstated. The people at the university were extremely apologetic and kept telling her that nothing like this had ever happened before. But the interesting thing is how she handled all this. She explained, “It was such a mess and I’d feel myself getting all tense and frustrated and disappointed at what was happening and then I’d use the Truth Tools and calm down and just do what needed to be done. It took a week to straighten everything out but the interesting thing is that, one morning while talking to my advisor she suddenly said, ‘You are so calm.’ And I realized I was.”

What D2 recognized is that getting angry and venting on the people at the university for what turned out to be a computer mistake wouldn’t have made anything better. It would only cause her vexation. Yes, the mistake meant she had to start over with a new cohort and yes it was lost time, but by passing through the ordeal without becoming vexed meant she was at peace and at this point is even realizing that having to start over has some benefits. “I was so nervous the first week since it has been so long since I’ve been in school, and there was so much to learn. But that week got me acclimated. I learned the system and how to do things and so when I started over instead of being nervous at all the new things, I started relaxed and ready to go. Besides that the first cohort I was in had very few nurses in it. Most of the students were public health majors. But this new cohort is almost all nurses. It will be so much better for me.”

What she didn’t say that I’m sure is also a benefit is that if she’d become vexed over the situation the negative energy vexation generates would have also spilled over into her new beginning and cast a shadow on all she was doing. Living in Truth is the path of peace and the benefits go on and on.

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Wendi said...

I'm glad it all worked out so well for her. :)