Friday, August 3, 2012

Anchored in Nature

Two days ago I spent the day at Antelope Island, the largest of the ten islands in the Great Salt Lake, and yesterday I spent the day in the mountains near Deer Creek Reservoir. I had no Internet or cell phone access and both days were absolutely beautiful weather wise-not too hot and with a gentle breeze teasing the air. As I watched wispy white clouds swirl over the Great Salt Lake I felt such peace and suddenly it hit me that one of the reasons nature revives us and brings us such peace and joy is because we naturally Anchor when we are in nature. Something about it causes us to forget everything that is vexing us and to focus on the present moment.

The same thing happened yesterday in the mountains. As I got out of the car upon arrival, I felt the peace wash over me and realized that in that moment without me consciously directing it, all of my senses were suddenly engaged in the present. I was seeing, smelling, feeling, hearing, and tasting the fresh air and the scenery around me. Because of that I was fully present--Anchored.

Realizing this I wondered how I could train myself to naturally anchor in other environments. It would take some effort, but if I consistently Anchored whenever I entered the foyer of our church building, or the entrance to my work, or the entrance to my home soon the feelings of peace and hope would naturally occur whenever I went to those places just like the feelings naturally occur when I enter a forest or hear an ocean.

I love the peace and joy Anchoring brings so I'm going to work at this. I'll let you now how it goes.

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Wendi said...

I'm going to continue to work on anchoring as well. Thanks for the reminder. :)