Saturday, August 25, 2012

Overcoming the Default "Position"

A few people in life are able to take what comes to them and love it without much effort. These are the people who were raised by parents who rolled with the ups and downs of life without vexing and so they learned how to do it by watching their parents. It comes naturally to them. But for most of us learning to Live in Truth takes continued effort because the default "position" in a telestial world is vexation. We experience stress and we become vexed. We think it is what has to happen.

But the Good News! is that when we realize that Living in Truth doesn't come naturally to us and that we need to work at it, we can do things that will constantly remind us and encourage us to drop the vexation and move on.

I have reminders all around me. Every morning when I look into the mirror I see "My Charge." On the back of my Ipad is engraved the words, "Take what comes, and love it." I have good words taped to the inside of my kitchen cabinets so that when I need or put away dishes I see them. I also have associated reminders to items in my home so  that when I see them I am reminded of what Living in Truth is all about. Daily scripture reading also reinforces my desire to Live in Truth.

In short, Living in Truth doesn't come naturally to most of us. But the little bit of effort it takes to Live in Truth is well worth it.

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Wendi said...

Thanks for the good reminders in this and the previous post. I hope you have a great weekend. :)