Friday, August 17, 2012

BYU Education Week Day 4

I hope you are enjoying Education Week. Besides the wonderful feelings generated by all these people, the setting here at BYU is one of my favorite in the whole world. Y Mountain rises majestically just east of the campus and this morning the sunrise was a soft pale pink hovering over the mountain top. The delicate beauty of it sent chills up my spine!

Yesterday went well. The Truth class was full, but the Lewis class on his fiction writing was only about 7/8 full. That could mean I am boring people and so they didn't want to come back to the class or that people aren't as interested in Lewis's fiction as they are his life and his non-fiction or maybe some people are going home early.

Since I Live in Truth and that means I am the storyteller of my life, the one who chooses which story to tell myself (After all, the truth is that there is no way to know for sure why there were less people!), I am choosing to think that people aren't as interested in Lewis's fiction.

There. I am at peace. No vexation. I am happy and life moves on. See how simple it is! It is such a change from the way I used to live when I would have vexed for days because I was sure I had bored people. So much Unnecessary Pain! I love Living in Truth!


Wendi said...

I am absolutely certain that it wasn't because you were a boring presenter! I love Y mountain too. :)


I just wanted to tell you that your class was life changing for my husband and I! On Thursday night we went to see the City of Joseph production and found out the tickets I had bought weeks before we're for Wednesday night! They were all sold out and no refund would be given! For a split second I started to get vexed and then reminded myself to live in truth! It was what it was- so instead we went to a movie! Now that's not a big thing but it was my first opportunity to use what I had learned in your class!! Thank you again and again for this amazing class! Do you have anything published on this subject so we can share it with others?


I Just saw the web version of your blog and you have it all on here! Thank you!!