Saturday, August 18, 2012

BYU Education Week Day 5

Physically I am drained, tired, and ready for the week to end, but spiritually and emotionally I am very sad to have this amazing week end.

I am so thankful for the many new friends I have made and the stories they've shared with me. I've been hugged by former students and filed with delight in seeing them again. I've been hugged by people who are feeling the spirit of the things I've been teaching. I've been hugged by people who are in pain and excited about the new hope they have received. I've been hugged by friends I haven't seen for years and friends I see frequently. I love hugs so it has been good, and I hope you are feeling a cyber-hug as you read this because I'm sending all those hugs on to you!

Today Mr. J and I are going off to relax and renew and enjoy. Next Sunday is our 45th wedding anniversary and we thought that deserved a week away together. I'm going to do some studying, read a good book for purely escape, crochet, swim, bike, hike, snuggle for more hugs and kisses from Mr. J, and just plain enjoy. It will be a whole week of Anchoring and enjoying every precious moment! 


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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Enjoy every moment, you deserve the best!

Wendi said...

Happy anniversary! I hope you thoroughly enjoy your time together. :)