Monday, August 27, 2012

Why Vex Over Why?

I was talking with someone just this morning and the question came up, "Why does life have to be like this?" I don't think there is anyone reading this who hasn't at some time or another thought that very question. But if there is one thing I have learned about the Good News! it is that God, for some reason, doesn't often answer the Why question. He usually answers the How, What, Where and When questions but seldom the Why questions especially in the case of specific Whys.

Acknowledging this has caused me to pause on several occasions when I've been consumed with wondering WHY, and has allowed me to drop the vexation of wondering by just saying to myself, "Oh, that's a Why question and God doesn't answer those."

Now I realize there are exceptions to this, but mostly it holds true and when I remember it I am able to move on and drop the vexation a lot faster and with more ease. I don't know why, God isn't going to tell me, and so why vex over it? There another Why question, but this one I can answer! There's no reason to vex.


SuSu said...

Perfectly said. Because in the end the answer to "why" never does satisfy.

Wendi said...

On Sunday, someone close to me who is a member of the church and has served a mission told me that they have never been able to believe in anything they can't see--God, Jesus and the Atonement, the Holy Ghost, pre-earth life, post-earth life, the resurrection, eternal families, etc. The main reason for this is that they can't understand why a loving God would allow so much suffering in the world and why some have so much while others have so little. However, even though they don't believe any of it, they still live as if they do, which is amazing to me. However, I was so sad for them when they told me that and I've been praying that they will be blessed with the gift of faith. I can't imagine life without the eternal perspective my testimony of those things gives me. I appreciated this post. It has helped me as I've thought about this situation over the past few days. :)