Wednesday, August 15, 2012

BYU Education Week Day Two

Education Week went well yesterday. It was so busy I didn't even have time to post about it. The devotion was given by Elder Tad Callister and was fantastic. Again if you want to be part of Education Week and are not able to be here, get on BYU Speeches as soon as his talk is available and read it. He spoke about our divine nature and what that means and how it separates us from other religious ideals. The main point was that as spirit children of God we have inherited godly characteristics that we need to be aware of and develop. It was encouraging and uplifting and informative!

Since I said the prayer at the devotional I was invited to a small luncheon afterward. Elder Callister and his wife were there, President Samuelson and his wife, as well as several vice presidents of the University. It was fun to mingle and chat and relax with them.

After that I taught my two classes. First I taught "'Come What May, and Love It' But How?" and right after that I taught The Life of C. S. Lewis. Elder Callister had quoted from Lewis four times in his talk and that served as a wonderful introduction to my class which was so full they needed to open up two overflow rooms. All that energy makes teaching all the more fun and so I had a great time that hour talking about one of my mentors. I can't wait to meet him some day!

The energy, love, happiness, joy, and fun are abounding and I hope in some small way to share that with you. Enjoy!

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Mike and Julie said...

Thank you for sharing! I remember the wonderful experience of attending the final two seminary conferences there. A great place to be immersed in the spirit!