Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Take the Happiness Road

I’ve been reviewing the academic literature on happiness studies and found something that verifies what Living in Truth is all about. The study showed that happy people don’t just sit around being content. Instead happy people make things happen. They are active in seeking out new understanding. They seek new achievements and experiences. AND they control their thoughts and feelings. They have developed ways to push the negative thoughts out of their minds and consciously seek positive thoughts which they savor.

That’s what the Truth Tools are all about—a way to push out the negative and make way for the positive.

The conclusion of the study is that happiness is something we make, not something we encounter. And as we’ve learned from Living in Truth, happiness is available in any given moment if we choose the Happiness Road and Live in Truth.

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Wendi said...

My word for this year is "decide". And I've decided to incorporate many new habits and routines into my life this year that have helped me become a more well balanced person. They have also helped to keep depression away this entire year. I'm so thankful. :)