Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's Never Too Late To Bloom

The crocus in my garden are teaching me new lessons. I don’t know how old those bulbs are, but they surprised me the first spring after we moved in when hundreds of yellow and white flowers burst through the ground to greet me. That means they have been there at least twelve years. I love how each day they open up to the sun and close at night to take a rest. I love how they seem to defy winter and celebrate spring. But most of all I love how each year they teach me something new.

This year they have made me think about how it is never too late, (translate that to I’m not too old!) to change and grow and reach for the sun. Regardless of my age or circumstances, I have within me divine power. I am a child of God. That means I have eternal potential and like my crocus, I can keep on blooming and growing and doing until the day I die. Like my crocus, I can reach out to the light and open myself to God’s goodness. Age is a state of mind and we are never too old or too young to be what God intends us to be. So I raise my face to the light and enjoy the light it gives me.


SuSu said...

I love your words. Thanks for the goodness of them today and everyday.

6L's said...