Saturday, March 26, 2011

Work! Work! Work!

Mr. J finished painting the upstairs and then left town to go to a conference. Yesterday the new carpet was laid and so today I am trying my best to put plug plates and switch plates back on, take off the masking tape, vacuum up the carpet strands, put curtains back up, and do as much as I can physically do before Mr. J comes home to finish the rest. 

It feels so good and I don’t mean just that it feels good to have new paint and new carpet (although that is very good!) I mean it feels good to physically work. Being a professor and writer much of my work is mental instead of physical. Before Grizelda I hated physical work which is probably why I ended up a professor and a writer. But one of the things being bedridden after brain surgery and the ensuring radiation taught me is what a blessing it is to be able to work hard.

I still have to pace myself, but as my heart gets pumping and I see things getting done I find myself saying a prayer of thanks that I can work. I’m converted. Being able to work is a wonderful blessing.

I love to work!

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runningfan said...

I'm with you! After a few months in bed, I'm grateful to be able to clean my bathrooms and make dinner! It's just so satisfying.