Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's the Telestial Truth

When we live in Truth we realize that we are spirit children of God. That means we have a spiritual identity and heritage and roots that are not of this world. This is something we often sense in joyous fleeting glimpses. But in the meantime, we must deal with things like gravity, kinetic energy, and other laws of a physical, telestial world. But what gives us the most trouble aren’t the physical laws, it is the laws of human nature that belong to a telestial world that cause us problems.

Other people’s negative behavior vexes us. “They shouldn’t be doing that!” We shout to ourselves. But at those times we have to step back and realize that while that isn’t right in a celestial world, we aren’t in a celestial world. We are in a telestial world and those things happen (and there for are Truth) in a telestial world.
The big test of life isn’t to identify what shouldn’t be done by others. The big test of life is for us to learn to live a celestial life in a telestial environment. Just think . . . If you can live a celestial life in this wicked environment, how amazing and easy it will be in a celestial environment. 

So when you are vexed with all the things and people and experiences that shouldn’t be, stop and remember that all you need to be concerned about is what you should be.

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