Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Plan of Blessedness

Words are imprecise. They represent concepts and ideas and that are far grander and bigger than a single word can express. This means that we need to look at words carefully to determine how they are being used and what is intended by the author. This is especially true of the gospel. God uses words in different ways and so a great way to study his teachings is to look closely at words.

For example, we say that the gospel is the Plan of Happiness. Which is true. But what is happiness? President Harold B. Lee when speaking about the Beatitudes made a distinction. He said, "Happiness comes from without and is dependent on circumstances; blessedness is an inward fountain of joy in the soul itself, which no outward circumstances can seriously affect" (Decisions for Successful Living, 56-57). Obviously the Plan of Happiness is really the Plan of Blessedness as Pres. Lee is using the term.

What is important here is that we learn that words are used in different ways in different contexts and we must look beyond the word to the meaning. What we learn about happiness from these examples is that there is an earthly quality that people call happiness that is about pleasure and comfort and lack of adversity. However, there is a spiritual quality that transcends earth that people also call happiness. This is a blessedness, joy and unexplainable delight that is God’s Plan for us. When we walk in Truth we must be careful to not confuse the two.

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Wendi said...

I'm very thankful for both aspects of happiness. :)