Thursday, March 17, 2011

An Irish Morning!

“Top of the morning to you!”   
That’s my favorite Irish greeting and appropriate for this St. Patrick’s Day. 
The appropriate Irish response is, “And the rest of the day to you!” (And I'm imagining you saying it to me.)

I love St. Patrick’s Day (maybe because I still believe in leprechauns!). 
When I had children living at home, I started every St. Patrick’s Day off with green pancakes, green eggs, and green milk. 
(I used a lot of green food coloring on this day!) 
It was always fun, and now gives me lots of warm, fuzzy memories. 

But the best St. Patrick’s Day ever was the one when D5 was born. My biggest baby, she wowed everyone with her fat little cheeks and thick black hair.
She was born in the Bicentennial year, 1976, (the red, white and blue year) on St. Patrick’s Day, (green day). But there is more! 
Mariah is the one above and between Mr. J and me.
By the time she was six months old, it was evident that her hair would be a beautiful red and she has one blue eye and one brown. Thus she is my colorful child and she has lived up to that name because she has added so much color to my life. Happy birthday, Mariah!

And I hope you all enjoy your green day. 
If you don’t have St. Patrick’s Day memories warming your heart 
make some for next year!


Anonymous said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you, too. My second son was born on St. Patrick's, also, and what a fun day for a birthday. He was in school before he really understood that the day wasn't in honor of his birthday. We've always celebrated with the green,(my mother's parents are from Ireland), and then the fun of a birthday made it one of the best holidays ever.

SuSu said...

I love St. Patrick's Day too. It is always a great day. Every year it is corned beef and cabbage at our house; wouldn't be the same without it!