Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Nature of Angels

The dictionary gives several definitions of the word angel, two of which are: “A spiritual being superior to humans in power and intelligence,” or “An attendant spirit or guardian.” We do recognize that angels occasionally minister to people in this life, but when we think of them we usually are thinking of citizens of the next life. However, our word angel comes from
the Greek word, angelos, which means “messenger.”
"Heavenly Hands" by Greg Olsen

When you stop to think about this, you realize that a messenger of God doesn’t have to be a citizen of the next life. We don’t need to wait until death to become angels. Instead we can be messengers of God or angels 
right here and now.

In his conference talk in April 1986 Bishop Robert D. Hales prayed that, “you and I might realize that we have the power and responsibility to help those in need, as ministering angels for the Lord Jesus Christ.” There are many “needs” around us. Some need encouragement, some need food, some need social skills, some need financial help, some need love, and some need to know more about their Savior. Thus, any time we are helping anyone in need, 
we are angels.

My heart tickles delightfully when I see myself as an angel. It helps me remember what I am on earth to do and it makes me feel closer to my Father in Heaven. I am His angel, and I am very grateful for the many angels He has sent into my life.

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6L's said...

you are an angel for sure! thanks for your continuous insights!!!
love, laura