Thursday, April 22, 2010

Aren't We Thankful for Hope!

The most discouraging trials in life, the ones that are the hardest to deal with, are the ones that involve righteous desires. You want to be a wife, but no one asks you. You want to be a mother, but no children come. You want to have a temple worthy marriage, but your spouse doesn’t. You want to be righteous, but you struggle with things that seem to be inborn like same sex attraction. You want to help in the Lord’s work but your efforts meet with rejection. These kinds of trials are double trials because not only are they adversity, but they are troubling in the fact that they don’t make sense.
With these kinds of trials all we can do is hold on, trusting in God, and know that at some point we will understand. All things will work for our good. The law of justice will be applied and at some point we won’t just understand, we will be grateful for the way all things turned out.

That is one of the most beautiful things about the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is hope.


Anonymous said...

One of the things that helps, though,is seeing others around you as they also struggle with pain and disappointment. It helps me when I realize the burdens that others carry, and often with such grace and faith. You are a wonderful example of both faith and grace, while often dealing with things that are really disappointing and painful for you. It is easy to look at someone (like you) who excels at things and think that you are just lucky, but it is important to remember that some of the people we admire the most, carry some of the most painful burdens. I wish I could do something to ease some of your burdens, but just know that I, as well as many others, love you, admire you and pray that you will be protected and comforted and blessed with all your righteous desires. xoxoxo

Wendi said...

I appreciate the hope that comes from the Atonement. I love the gospel and I love people, but many of my emotional challenges come from the group situations that include both, such as church and the temple. Where most people feel peace in those situations (and I used to), I am now filled with anxiety. I'm working on it in therapy, but I sure will appreciate a perfect mind and body that will come in the resurrection! :)

Anonymous said...

These comments are especially relevant to me today. Thanks for posting, it is as though they are just for me!