Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thanks for the "Radiation"

I start each day with a brisk walk along the Provo River with two friends. It begins my day right as I soak in the beautiful natural surroundings, listen to the birds and the rushing water, and enjoy the company of two amazing women. But one of my favorite things is that on the way back home we stop on a bridge for a morning meditation. First we face down stream and I think about jettisoning all the negative things that have accumulated in me and watching them float away downstream. I mentally rid myself of all the bad baggage and spend a few moments thinking about my Savior—the one who heals me. After that we turn around and face upstream. Then I think about being filled with good and positive things. I imagine that the water rushing toward me is flowing through me to cleanse and purify me—that it comes from the Fountain of Living Waters, Jesus Christ. It is a wonderful time that I look forward to every day. But this morning was extra special.

Usually as we walk onto the bridge, we space ourselves over about thirty feet of the bridge and then meditate, but this morning for some reason we ended up almost elbow to elbow in the middle of the bridge with me between my friends. As I meditated besides feeling the usual strength from the thoughts I was surprised by an empowering feeling coming from both sides of me. It was a radiation of love and goodness that seeped into me from my friends and it was so strong I could actually feel it warming me like sunlight.

It made me wonder how often others have influenced me in this way simply because of what they are. I think in the next life we are going to be surprised to find out how much other people actually helped us and encouraged us just by their presence. It is a very real thing, but since it is unseen it too often goes unnoticed. I am so grateful for my many friends and others who over the years have shared their goodness and love with me through the radiation of their character. Thank you! I love you all!


Dani said...

I totally agree with this! I have noticed so many times the shining or even soft countenances of people who radiate goodness. I do feel so strengthened by them.

Julie said...

I suffer daily with a great deal of pain. Just this morning as I pulled myself out of bed, in more pain than usual, I was lifted by the very thought of the good friends that I have that love and sustain me. Just thinking about them today, made me feel better.

Talena said...

I miss walking with you

Wendi said...

I love your meditation process and especially how it's coupled with water, symbolizing Christ's living water. Very powerful. I, too, am thankful for the influence of good friends. Your blog has been so uplifting to me over the last couple of years. So thank YOU! :)