Saturday, April 17, 2010

I Feel Like 'm Coming Out of Hibernation

I’m on a diet to try and get back into my clothes by women’s conference. I figure that no one wants to see me up there speaking in my pajamas or just a slip since that’s about all I fit into since my two California trips and a week of company in the house. Anyway, dieting makes me ornery. I’m hungry as a bear that's just come out of winter hibernation and I'm twice as cross as a bear. I'm using every Truth Tool in my bag to try and keep myself nice enough to be around. I've never tried the Truth Tools on ornery-from-dieting.

I may need a new Tool because I’m not sure I’m succeeding. You’ll have to ask Mr. J about that, but hopefully I’m losing weight. If after all this I get on the scales and haven’t lost weight, I may need three bags of Truth Tools—no make that four. And if you hear a great growling sound, don’t be worried. It isn’t an earthquake—it’s just ornery me growling (between trial and error attempts at using the Truth Tools, of course!).

I do have to thank a kind friend who out of the blue sent me a love-and-appreciation email yesterday. She didn’t even know I was ornery from dieting and her kind words were like ointment to my (hungry) soul! We all really need each other, don’t we!!!!


Wendi said...

I don't fit into any of my clothes right now either. I've gained back 25 of the pounds that I previously lost over the last couple of years. I'm hoping I will lose some of that as I start working in the yard again this spring, summer, and fall. Good luck to you in your efforts. I'm not dedicated enough to diet yet! :)

Heather said...

well... I need to do this very thing too... but I know it will turn me into a bear as well. I'm singing at my mom's presentation at Women's Week and I was hoping to lose the last 10 baby lbs... It's soooo not happening. But I have 2 weeks, so with your inspiration... I'll make more efforts and try to use those truth tools so I won't growl too much!

Sherrie Mills Johnson said...

Wendi, Doesn't working in the yard sound fun! It won't by September but it sure does sound fun now. Keep hanging in there! Enjoy!

Sherrie Mills Johnson said...

Heather, Is the presentation where you are singing the BYU Women's Conference? Good luck with your goal. We can growl together! Maybe we can find a way to adapt growling so it becomes a Truth Tool. :) We've got to find some way to turn ornery into a positive since it comes so naturally. :)

Heather said...

Yes, i'm just singing one song with my sister's at my mom's presentation on Friday. I better not growl while I'm singing. :)

Hope your presentation goes well.