Friday, April 23, 2010

Celebration Time!

Yesterday at 8:57pm the 40,000th visitor to Good News! stopped by to visit. The location of the person is unknown but their ISP is Road Runner and their ISP address is 97.117.60. It was an exciting time for me and I wish I knew who you are so I could thank you. As a matter of fact I wish I knew who all of you are!

I got into blogging because D7 got me into it, but I have loved it. I love sitting down each day and thinking about all of you—you have all become my invisible friends! I really appreciate those of you who have left your pictures as followers. It helps me envision who I am writing to. I appreciate those of you who leave your comments and thoughts because a one sided conversation isn’t a conversation.

I used to reply to all of the comments, but I’d ask people questions and they wouldn’t answer so I began to think that no one went back and read my replies. But I miss that—so let me know if you’d like me to start that again or if it doesn’t matter because you don’t have time to go back and read.

In short, thanks to all of you. I hope in some small way I’ve encouraged and brightened your days. A lot of readers dropped off after it was obvious I was going to live, and Mr. J jokes that the only reason anyone read this was to see if I’d die. So thanks to those of you who still come around even though I’m alive and thanks to those of you who share the Good News! with your friends. I’m hoping some day to have 100 friends in the box to the left!

I’m a writer at heart. I love to write as much as I love to read, but half the fun of writing is having someone read what you write! So thanks for stopping by. I love you all! And I hope that RR 97.117.60 fesses up so I know who you are!


Carol Bethea said...

Dear Sister Johnson,

I read your blog to my husband every day. Last friday he celebrated his 2nd birthday. He had a bone marrow transplant for leukemia. Thank you for your sweet encouragement and delightful messages daily. I love your sweet daughter, Laresa and her family, we are blessed to know them.

Carol Bethea

DeRae said...

You have made a lot of my trails easier. You seem to be guided by the spirit and say things that I need to hear. I like to know that you have read my comments. I don't reply back because I assume that you are busy. Thanks for sharing.

Wendi said...

As you know, I love your blog and the way it inspires me every time I read it. I usually leave a comment so you know that I've read your post, but unfortunately, most of my comments are pretty much the same. I'm not all that creative.

I often go back to see if you reply and appreciate when you do. But I don't think very many other people do that. When I reply to someone's comment on my blog, I usually send it to them by e-mail or leave it on their blog also. In my experience, that tends to work better if you want to strike up a conversation.

Your posts almost always end up in my "Best of Blogland" posts on my private "Every Day is a New Beginning" blog. (I sometimes highlight your posts on my scripture blogs too.) I also have a homemade "button" for you on my sidebar. I've noticed blogs who want a larger readership have buttons designed that their readers can post on their own sidebars as well.

Anyway, congratulations on building up your readership. And I am so thankful that you're still alive and kicking! :) Please don't get sick again just to add more readers! ;)

Hope you have a great weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

I enjoy and benefit from your blog a lot. From the wise words you give to the funny moments you find yourself in. I love your comments on what people have said, but I don't expect you to always have to respond, especially when I think of all the things you're doing. I am one, and I guess in a minority, who always goes back and rereads, because I like to see what others have said, too. I do that on all the blogs I read. So if you feel inclined, I will absolutely read them, but I also understand that you only have so much blog time in a day. Your blog has been a great way for me to keep in touch with a good friend, and pray often for you to be safe and healthy. I look forward to many more blogs. It is true I became aware of your blog because of Grizelda, but I've been hooked since. Here's to many more words of wisdom, uplifting thoughts and funny stories that make me laugh, You're the best!!
Cathie xoxoxo

meleah said...

I like the idea that Wendi had to make a button that people can put on their blogs. I am not able to read every post but I love that when I do it is spiritual boost that sometimes I find hard to find in such a busy world. Thanks Mom! Also is people want to see if you comment back they can select the option to have follow-up comments e-mailed to them, that way they will know you have responded.