Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pondering In California

I'm in California again! This time I'm at Berkley with Mr. J while he attends a conference. I'm on vacation doing my favorite thing--observing people. We ate lunch at a sidewalk Mediterranean cafe and as I watched people pass by I was struck by the fact that they are ALL my brothers and sisters. It was an overwhelming feeling. We are all family and when we sing "Families can be together forever" it could mean more than what you and I usually think about. As you can tell, I'm in a pondering mood, but it is late and so I'll ponder more tomorrow!


Laresa said...

You are in Berekely! Remember when Nate was born there and you came and you came and stayed with us. Time flies by sao fast!

Julie said...

I am a people watcher as well, and live here in Ca. Living away from the body of the saints helps me to try to love and not judge those who are my brothers and sisters, living life in a different way. It gives me the great blessing of trying to see all of God's children as He sees them. Enjoy your added blessings today. You are so close, wish you could come and share some truth tools.

Wendi said...

I remember being struck very forcefully with that same fact when I began my mission in Philadelphia and we would see so many different people each day on the street and using the public transportation. It really does change your perspective! :)