Monday, April 5, 2010

Saving Attitude

Yesterday we celebrated the Resurrection of the Savior and the life He has made possible for us. Today I am celebrating the fact that He has invited me and you to be part of His work. We do it daily whether we are changing a diaper, disciplining a child, or visiting an ailing friend. In anything we do, if we do it with love and with an eye to His glory, we are helping in His work. What a trust He has placed in us!

President John Taylor once said that “we are here as saviors of men” (JD, 24:268). While Jesus Christ is our Savior, to help in His work means that we are to be saviors also. Note that our being saviors is savior with a small “s”, and is different that the great work He did, but in some ways similar. A savior is someone who does something for others that they cannot do for themselves. Obviously we could not save ourselves from sin and death, but He could. But how do we act as saviors?

As women we give life to others—something they cannot do for themselves. As men we administer the life-giving ordinances to others—something they cannot do for themselves. As followers of Christ, we do temple work for those who were unable to do it for themselves. Anytime we do things for others that they cannot do for themselves, we are acting as a savior thus the mundane task of changing a diaper or feeding a newborn is a saving act.

There is something beautiful that happens inside us as we go about our days with this realization. What could be dismissed as a trivial act becomes a glorious opportunity and can feed our souls with joy and delight depending on how we approach the task. When we think of ourselves as saviors helping in The Savior’s work, life is different.


Amy said...

Women perform ordinances, too!
Excuse me, I'm a wee bit excited about that.

Wendi said...

I really love this post. I'm thankful for the opportunities the Lord gives me to help Him with His work. :)

Jenny said...

Thanks, I needed this. My days lately seem to be filled with dirty diapers and feeding a newborn. Thanks for helping me see these acts in a more positive light.

sbmitchell said...

Thank you, Sherrie. Your messages are so inspired and motivating.

I love the concept that we can be saviors with a small "s" -- and in the process learn to become more Christ-like, line upon line, precept on precept, one tiny deed at a time. Now, that is doable, even orderly. I believe it is the way He wants us to learn and to progress.