Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Let The Light Shine!

The longest day was a good day! The problem with me has been that because of the stress fractures in my foot I have been unable to exercise and I NEED exercise. When I don’t exercise I get a bad case of the blues and that is what I’ve been battling. The Good News is that I am learning new things about the Truth Tools. Yesterday as I consciously determined to use the Truth Tools Affirmation and Gratitude, I started to feel better. But what I didn’t expect is that the universe responded to my decision.

I don’t usually enter contests because I never win. Years ago a friend entered my name in a contest for diapers because she knew I had three children in diapers and she had none and I won. That was very nice of her and I appreciated it. The only other time I’ve won something was at a political fund raising breakfast where everyone who was present was automatically entered, and guess what? I won a truck load of gravel. Lucky me! Since I didn’t need gravel, I gave it to a friend who was building a home.

But last week on a friend’s blog, I left a comment on her give-away not because I thought I could win but because she is from the south and she was talking about grits which I love and some comments were pretty negative about grits and so I had to defend them. Well, yesterday (My day of New Light!) I won her give-away. But the best part was the cute way she announced me as winner. It was the picture I have here of her grandson holding the winning name over his eyes. It made my day.

But that isn’t all! Last night we attended a “reunion” dinner with some wonderful, amazing people that Carl worked with years ago. They’ve all played important parts in our lives and it was a delight to see them again. It reminded me that God has placed people in my life to light my way and help me.

So. . .the light did shine. The light always comes when you ask for it. It’s just hard sometimes to remember that when you are in the Pit.


Beverly @ The Buzz said...

Congratulations on your win! (though I'm one Southerner who hates grits. shhh, don't tell anyone. they might revoke my accent!)

Anonymous said...

It's probably a good thing your blues hit for the beginning of summer. Being the longest day of the year, there was lots of sunlight. I agree when something out of your control gets you down, it is very hard to find a way out. I hope you won something fun, and your stress fracture clears up soon. I love the phrase " Happy days are ahead", but I really love "today is a happy day".The next phrase we should adopt is "Bye, bye Pit, hello Light".

Wendi said...

Congratulations on being a winner! (I never win anything either.) And that picture is adorable! :) I really appreciated those last few sentences. Thanks for sharing. :)

Laresa said...

And good thing I called you and told you that you won! I know you probably would have found out eventually!

Dani said...

I remember a very special time when I won something. It was a Christmas after my husband left, and he had cut us off financially. I was at Robert's crafts and there was a drawing for a $100 gift certificate. I had a feeling that we were going to win. I had not been one to think we had to have Christmas presents, but I put my name in the drawing and then came back to the store at the appropriate time. They called my name and because of the incredible discounts already in effect, I was able to buy some really fun presents for my children and some yarn for myself :). The thing is that I 'knew' this was Heavenly Father saying to me that He was aware of me and was going to take care of us in that really stressful time (again, the stress wasn't really about Christmas, but it was His way of talking to me :).