Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Best is Coming

It’s a mystical day in my neighborhood. Instead of covering the mountains wispy clouds ring the mountains leaving the tops towering majestically above the gauzy rings. It makes them look more noble and majestic than usual. It gives me the feeling that at any moment something absolutely magical is going to happen. I like that feeling. It’s the same feeling expressed by the words, “The best is yet to come.” Expecting that best in every moment and then looking for it and savoring it makes life so rich and beautiful.

I had a Spanish professor in college years ago that on the last day of class showed us a Spanish movie. It was all about the dark side of life and everything horrible that exists on the earth. I walked out early, but I asked him later why he showed such a movie and he replied, “It is reality. Those things are life.”

I felt sorry for him. What he didn’t realize is that we all choose our own reality. That movie was not my reality (not even close to my reality!) nor was it his reality. It was a reality invented by a writer and a director. Bad things do happen, but how we react to them creates the reality. We can constantly think about the bad and decide that all of life is like that or we can realize that there is opposition in all things and that for every bad thing there is a good. We can cling to God in bad times and let Him mitigate the bad or we can buy into the adversary’s propaganda that this is how life is.

When we believe in Jesus Christ we believe in a Savior. A Savior is a “saver.” He saves us from the negative realities of pain and death. thus, when you believe in Jesus Christ you know that the best is always on its way.


Machen said...

This is so beautiful! Thank you so much.

Wendi said...

I appreciated reading this perspective on this gray, rainy day! Thanks, Sherrie. :)

dani said...

I met a man on the plane the day before yesterday who was very pessimistic. I tried to feel what he was feeling in order to understand him better, and I realized again that that is Satan's way. So I found common ground in acknowledging that times were challenging and that I needed to be extra diligent in guiding my children, but I could not be pessimistic because I know of Christ and the Atonement and the great plan of happiness.