Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Prayer Power

I have been reminded lately of the great power of prayer, and it has reminded me of how grateful I am to all of you and the many others who prayed for me when I had brain surgery and again when I went through radiation. Prayer works and the combined prayers of many people calling upon God from their foundation of love and faith works miracles.

Having so many people praying for me was also an education. I knew about prayer. I believed in prayer, but I had no idea that I would be able to feel the sustaining power of prayer so tangibly. It reminded me of the story of Moses as he stood on the mountain watching his people battling in the valley below. When he lifted his hands the Israelites prevailed, but his hands grew tired and fell with weariness and the Israelites began to flounder. So Aaron and Hur held Moses' hands up and the Israelites won the battle.(See Exodus 17.) That's what it felt like--as if someone was holding me up so I  could win the battle.

Thank you and keep praying for one another and for those who are in need. Prayer works! It lifts, it comforts, it brings about miracles.


SuSu said...

I love prayer and the peace it brings. I love it too because with prayer also comes listening and I can't wait to hear what I need to learn.

Wendi said...

What a blessing prayer is in our lives! I've also been the beneficiary of other people's prayers. What a gift! :)