Saturday, June 19, 2010

Enjoying Life

I’ve been tending grandsons and it has brought back a lot of memories. Tired memories! Happy memories! Teasing memories! Joyful memories! And even “is this really life?” memories. It has been fun.

The reason I am tending is that their mother, D4, is running the Ragnar Wasatch Back with D5 and my sister and her daughter and some others. (There are 12 people to a team.) I think they are all crazy, but they love it. The Ragnar Wasatch Back goes for 187.8 miles of rugged country in the Wasatch mountains of Utah. My daughters were responsible for three legs of 5 to 9 miles each. The teams run all day and all night for up to a day and a half depending on how fast they are. It makes me tired to think about it!

But, as I said, they love it, and it is teaching them wonderful things about life, nature, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. That is what is interesting to me. When people love the Lord, he teaches them about himself through what else they love—as long as they put Him first. Whatever language, whatever interests, whatever likes we have the Lord uses those to draw us closer to Him.

So enjoy what you love and watch for what it teaches you!

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Connie said...

Wow! Impressive! I had my grandchildren this weekend and they sure make me t.i.r.e.d! In other have won the cookbook :) I think I have your address or can get it from L