Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sowing Seeds

This year our apricot trees have more apricots than leaves. I’ve never seen the branches so full of fruit—too full of fruit. But the winds and rains the last few day have caused a lot of the fruit to fall to the ground so that the patio is covered in what looks like tiny green marbles. As I’ve picked them up I’ve wondered about the miracle that such a small seed inside that little ball has within it the promise of becoming a huge tree like the one that towers over me. But despite the enormous power to become an apricot tree, it has absolutely no power to become an apple or an orange tree. Genetically it is programmed to be an apricot and it can be nothing else.

Likewise as I go through my day and think thoughts about what is happening to me or around me, those thoughts, like seeds, grow into feelings and the feelings direct other thoughts and especially decisions. The type of thought I plant determines what will grow in my life.

So like any good gardener, I need to occasionally do some weeding. I need to get rid of the noxious thoughts that will grow into hatred, jealousy, envy or anything bad and make more room for the good thoughts that will grow into prosperity, harmony, and friendship. I will never have a beautiful garden if I sow seeds of doubt, fear, or anger. It just can’t happen. Doubt, fear, or anger don’t have the genetic potential to be anything but noxious.

But if I plant seeds of faith, hope, and charity I will have a beautiful garden because they can grow into nothing but beauty. Sure there will be storms, wind may destroy some of my crop, but in the end those storms will only thin the crop a little so that the remaining fruit will be bigger and better. And the rain, well it may be a little overpowering at times, but the rain will feed my garden and make it better.

The kind of thoughts I plant will determine what will grow in my life. So today I’m going to plant lots of love.


Wendi said...

This is so true about our thoughts. Thanks for the good reminder. :)

Kim said...

I guess that gardening isn't so bad after all. Love this analogy. Thanks for a new perspective. I need to keep gardening and hopeful one day it will be the most beautiful garden ever.

Thanks :)

SuSu said...

Love that thought. Plants are so do they know which way to grow; like a carrot, how does it know. It knows because right from the start it knows who it is and its purpose and what it much do. We can learn so much from nature.