Friday, June 25, 2010

Don't Be Pulled Into the Pit!

It seems I learn a lot of life’s lessons in the School of Experience. In other words I learn by doing things the wrong way. But then, some of life’s lessons are best learned that way. I’ve studied Living in Truth for years now and have learned most from the trial and error application of the principles. From my experience I’ve found that one of the hardest things to deal with is when people you love have fallen into the Pit of Illusion because of accusations against you.

Strangers or casual friends don’t usually confront you when they are in the Pit because of something you said or did, but family members and people you love usually do confront you and if you are not careful they can pull you into the Pit with them. When they make statements such as “You shouldn’t have said. . .” or “Why did you do . . .” or “You always do . . .” (And, of course, that is always followed by something they didn’t want you to do.), can cause you to fight back or defend yourself which only puts you in the Pit with them.

However, if you can stay in Truth and simply listen to them vent their feelings, these kinds of experiences can teach you more about Living in Truth than any other experience. If you stay in Truth you see how their thinking you shouldn’t have done what you did has cankered their souls and distorted their reasoning. You see how they have clung to the thoughts like briars to a piece of wool, and you also see how much work it has taken to do that. Often you can even see the darkness in their countenance and always you see how the thought is eating away at their peace of mind like acid on a piece of cloth. You see how it is their continually thinking about the incident and not what you did that is causing them pain, and from there you can learn a lot about what happens to you when you think those kinds of accusing thoughts.

So when someone is “attacking” you, is when you need the Truth Tools the most. If you can stay in Truth and simply listen not only do you keep yourself out of the Pit, but you learn so much about the benefits of Living in Truth.


Wendi said...

Thanks for this perspective. The descriptive words you use in the 2nd to last paragraph really illustrate your point.

SuSu said...

I know of which you speak. And staying out of that "Pit" can be so hard sometimes; the poor natural man in all of us. But knowing "Truth" has certainly helped me avoid the "pitfalls."