Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day Two of Education Week

Somehow I picked up a bug and am fighting a cold, but I'm depending on a higher source to get me through this.

I had a surprise yesterday when I found I had made the papers. Click the link and you can see for yourself. The picture of me is awful, but I love the way he captured me pointing at miracles! It captures my whole last two years of life.

Even though I'm sick and so tired, I'm loving this because of the people. I get so many hugs and smiles and just watching all these wonderful people affirms me. I imagine this is a glimpse into what heaven will be like.

Today I start the Lewis class and then in the afternoon I'll be talking about necessary and unnecessary pain. I wish you were all here to enjoy this with me. It is a whole different life than what the headlines of newspapers report life to be like!

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Wendi said...

That's a great article. I hope you get feeling better soon! :)