Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The First Day (adventure!) of Education Week

Education Week is amazing. Yesterday I saw friends I hadn't seen in twenty years! I met new friends, and relatives and friends that I love very much showed up to support me. But the most amazing thing is that EVERYONE is so wonderful. The glow that emanates from them is out of this world! Before my first class I had a few moments to just look out on the crowd of people--what a handsome crowd--and my heart was touched by the thought that these were all my brothers and sisters and I wanted to know more about every one of them--wanted to give them all a hug! But, of course, I couldn't.

One very interesting thing happened after my last class (and remember I was teaching "Miracles in the Messages of Jesus" and the last class was on the Sabbath day miracles). A woman came up to me and introduced herself as a Jew from Israel who just happened to be on campus for a few weeks as a visiting professor and decided to come to one class today to see what this Education Week thing was all about. Of all the classes, I don't know why she picked one on Jesus, but she did. One of the first things she said to me was, "Thank you. I now know what to do on the Sabbath."

That comment surprised me coming from a Jew, but then she kept going on and on about what she had felt during the class. She left, but then my mother and I ran into her again when I was going to my car and I talked with her for almost an hour. She again kept talking about what she was feeling at BYU and how wonderful and nice the people are and I said, "That's what the gospel does to us." She smiled and nodded, but didn't say anything.

She is a very nice, intelligent woman herself, and I am looking forward to getting together with her in the future and learning from her. You just never know what will happen at Education Week!


SuSu said...

Sounds like a seed has been planted. What a great feeling to be part of that.

Talena said...

Wow, Mom that's great! Have a good week!

Wendi said...

Sounds like she really felt the Spirit while she was there. :)

Pat said...

I thought you were going to be in Vegas this week.?

Anonymous said...

That is so wonderful. Not only are you an excellent teacher, but you took the time to share the Gospel beyond what you gave in your class. You are not only a teacher at heart, but a very good missionary!

Don and Becky Larson said...

My daughter, Katie, led me to your blog. I am so sorry to hear of your cancer, but joyful to hear of your miracle. I can't help but think that Laurie would be so proud of you. And you are teaching at Education week too. You both are such positive people. You are an inspiration to me. I wish I could be there to hear you. All our love to you and your good husband.
Don and Becky Larson