Thursday, August 12, 2010

I'm Working Hard

I’m busy preparing for BYU Education Week next week. Monday I teach a three hour series on The Messages in the Miracles of Jesus. Tuesday through Friday I am teaching two classes. At 11:10 Wednesday through Friday I will be teaching a class on C. S. Lewis and his Writings. At 1:50 Tuesday through Friday I will be teaching a class on called Escaping the Bondage of Your Negative Emotions By Living in Truth. (That’s certainly a mouthful!) This last class will cover the things about Truth that we talk about on Good News!

If any of you are coming to Education Week, I hope you will say hello. I love meeting the people who read my blog. It is like encountering an old friend after years of not seeing them.

I hope to see you!


Wendi said...

Wow! That's going to be a busy week for you. Those classes sound like they will be great. I'm thankful that you share some of those things on this blog, so I can learn from you-- even though I can't attend your classes. Hope everything goes well next week! :)

Gammy & Papa said...

My favorite lecture of all time is listening to you at a CES Conference talk about the messages in the miracles of Jesus. Wish I could hear it again, but since I am in Samoa on a mission that just won't be possible. Can I hope that you might post some of your lecture on your blog? Good luck; it will be amazing, as always. Deb Tolman