Monday, August 30, 2010

We're All Students

It's the first day of school--an exciting time meeting new students and the very air filled with expectation. At this point everyone is an "A" student. Everyone has the same possibility. Everyone is bright and eager.

But the coming days and weeks will separate the students. The procrastinators will fall behind. The unfocused, uncaring will not make time to do the homework. Those students begin to look stressed and harried. They sleep through class because they've been up all night playing.

but the ones who have done their assignments and kept up with the work look peaceful. They smile and joke and enjoy learning.

And then comes the day of grading and the unprepared begin to come into my office with their excuses. (The strangest was a student who once told me that the spirit told him not to do the assignment.) It is too late. They didn't do the work, but somehow it is my fault and they want me to change the rules so they can get by. But I can't do that.

Every semester this reminds me of life. It makes me evaluate my own life and check to make sure I'm doing the assignments and am focused because I know that there will be no changing of the rules to let me slip by. That sounds harsh and difficult, but as my good students testify, it is really a lot easier to just do what is required when it is required. Not only is it easier, but it is the only way to find peace.

So here's to all the good students in the classroom and in life! May we all be among them.

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