Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's Over

It is over and I am so sick. I guess I pushed too hard this week and my body still isn't ready to be pushed that hard. But then even before Grizelda this pace would have taxed me!

I do want to share with you a little miracle. Yesterday during the class on C. S. Lewis, while I was speaking the room suddenly began to spin and my knees began to buckle. I couldn't see my notes because of the spinning, but I managed to keep speaking (I don't know if I made any sense or not!) and inside I was saying a prayer, "Please don't let me pass out!" About then my stomach started to churn and I have no idea how I held on except that it was a miracle. Mr. J said he could tell something was wrong, but others in the audience said they didn't notice. All I can say is that the spirit must have taken over for a few minutes because my body was no longer running the show.

After that class, Mr. J took me to his office and gave me a blessing and that got me through the last class. Besides being sick it was a wonderful week and I found myself using the Truth Tools in a new way. (Someone is always teaching me new lessons!) I haven't thought much about using the Tools against physical ailments and physical pain, but yesterday I began to do that. They work! Not so much that they take away the sickness or the pain, but they helped me endure it and "over ride" it.

Well, Education Week is over and now its time to get ready for next semester. Time moves on.


Wendi said...

Wow! I sure hope you get feeling better soon. I'm glad you survived and that the Spirit and the Priesthood blessing pulled you through. Seriously, I hope you'll be able to take a couple of days to rest and get better! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all that you do to share truth.