Friday, August 13, 2010

Navigating the Muck of Life

Part of Living in Truth is acknowledging the fact that life has periods of ups and periods of downs. That is what is. And as much as we don’t like it, I think the down times have as much purpose as the up times. It is in those times when we often even feel we are abandoned that we prove to God and to ourselves that we really do want to follow Him and that we really do believe in Him.

It is those times when we have to struggle through the muck of life trying to pull our feet out of mud that is sucking us back with a force equivalent to all our efforts to wade out that we really put into practice what we believe. We have to cling to our beliefs, sometimes hanging on for dear life, and usually using them as a rope to give us more leverage and help in our efforts. In those muddy times we have to confront our deep down fears and either drive them away or else let them sink us. But if we hang on, and just about at the moment we think we are going to be sucked under completely, miracles happen and we are saved. Then we realize that the Lord is right beside us parting all the seas, rivers, and streams so we can walk on through on dry ground. We’ve come out of the down times and entered the up times and we are much stronger because of the ascent.

All of us like those up times. They are good times—times when we renew and clean off the mud and enjoy life. But what I’ve come to realize is that the down times are shorter and the up times last longer when I remember who it is that makes rescue possible and good a reality. Turning my heart, my mind, and my strength to Him is the secret to life.


Wendi said...

Thank you for sharing this post. I really relate to your descriptive words. It's nice to know others feel this way too and I'm so thankful for the Atonement that helps to pull all of us through tough times. :)

Martha said...

Love this! Such a great perspective to remember.

6L's said...

thanks for sharing this today, very much appreciated! :)

Kim said...

sooo needed this! Thank you!