Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Best is Yet to Come!

While traveling in New York and Ireland at this time of year I couldn’t help but notice the many tour groups. They’d drive up to a site, get out, take pictures, and then their guide would try to herd them all back into the bus for the next site. Some people would get on the bus as soon as they were told to do so. Others would linger to take just a few more pictures, or because they hadn’t seen everything they wanted to see, or because they liked what they saw so much they didn’t want to move on.

As I watched, I began to think about the metaphor in the situation. We are the tourists in life and God is our tour guide. And we, like the tourists in NY and Ireland, react to His call to get on the bus in different ways. Some of us act immediately when he says to board the bus, others linger for just a few more experiences where we are, and others are very unwilling to part with what we think is a good thing. Still others, when life is concerned, refuse to board the bus at all.

Just as with the tourists, we cling to what we have before us because it is known. We aren’t sure whether the next stop is going to be as good or that we will like it as well so we linger. But with God as our tour guide we can always know that what is next is for our best good, it is part of our progression, and therefore we shouldn’t be reluctant.

Because of that one of the most helpful mottos for life is, “The best is yet to come!” With God as our guide, we are always going to end up in the very best place, the very best situation, the very, very best condition. So whatever you are doing right now, stop, breathe in deeply, and say right out loud, “The best is yet to come!” and get on the bus!

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