Friday, August 20, 2010

The Last Day

It's the last day of Education Week. In ways that is a relief and in others a disappointment. My cold has moved to my chest and I need rest, but I will miss the wonderful spirit that exists during Education Week.

I've had so much fun with the Lewis class, I thought I'd share with you just a snippet of why. First of all, I am mathematically challenged, but so was Lewis. He failed the math part of his entrance exams to Oxford and would not have gotten into Oxford if it had not been for the war. (He was an officer and after the war all veterans were allowed admittance without passing exams!) Concerning his lack of math skills, Lewis later wrote, "I could never have gone far in any science because on the path of every science the lion Mathematics lies in wait for you.” Oh yes, I've seen the jaws of that lion!

The other thing I love is Lewis' humor. He loved animals, especially dogs, and at one point he described his dog Tim, by saying he “was the most undisciplined, unaccomplished, and dissipated-looking creature that ever went on four legs. He never exactly obeyed you; he sometimes agreed with you."

But most of all I love Lewis because he holds a mirror up to my face and allows me to see things about myself I've never seen before--necessary things that will help me return to my Father in Heaven. He's facilitated some of the miracles in my life.

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