Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's Coming -- BYU Education Week

It's that time again--BYU Campus Education Week is coming--August 13th to 17th. This year I'll be presenting the same three classes I did last year with a few new twists.

On Monday I'll be teaching "Faith, Then, Works by Words" at 11:10 until 1:25. This class is based on The Lectures on Faith.

Tuesday through Friday I'll be teaching "Come What May, and Love It" -- But How? at 1:50 in the Madsen Recital Hall of the HFAC. This class is all about Living in Truth and I am excited about doing it again. I've learned some new things that I'm incorporating and I'm excited to share them.

Tuesday through Friday I'll also be teaching The Life and Writings of C. S. Lewis  at 3:10 also in the Madsen. Here again I've made some changes and the last day I'll be teaching a whole new lecture, Christian Theology in the Narnia Tales.

If you are coming to Education Week be sure and come say hello!

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Camille said...

I would love to attend one of your classes one day!