Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Antebellum Day

Yesterday I went back to the 1800s. Sucht an amazing journey! I walked up the stairs and entered the door to the Holly Hedge plantation--a mansion privately owned and maintained in its pristine historic context. Like magic I could feel the presence of ages past. I heard the rustle of hoop skirts brushing against the banister as woman descended to be part of the reception in the large hall below. I heard the clanking of silver dishes full of delicious delicacies being passed among the merry crowd by formally attired servants. I heard the laughter and since all of  this was taking place in my imagination, I never heard the tears or the sorrow that are also retained on the property from being a major battlefield in the Revolutionay War and a part of the Civil War.

Outside the gardens were manicured to perfection with arches cut into hedges, a pine forest standing guard to keep intruders from disturbing the tranquil lake, and several magnificent magnolia trees, one of which is certified to have been around since before the civil war, towering royally over the large mansion.

The owners of the home are both walking encyclopedias of historical information which made the private tour all the more interesting. In short, we spent the most enjoyable afternoon possible walking back through time enjoying good company, interesting stories, and a visual feast of beautiful artifacts. I even sat on a joggling board! (I'll try to get the pictures of that posted later.)

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