Thursday, June 7, 2012

Accept Yourself

Accepting who you are and what you are can be difficult, but it is a whole lot easier than trying to run away from yourself. Running is painful, and that pain is most assuredly unnecessary pain.  

Taking honest stock of who we are gives us the opportunity to decide what things can and should be changed about ourselves, what things we must learn to love, and rejoice in the things we already are grateful for.

For example, if taking honest stock reveals that we are gossipy, that can and should be changed. So we determine a plan of action and grow. If taking honest stock reveals we don’t like how tall we are, we let go of the “don’t like” and concentrate on all the advantages of our height. We learn to love what is. And in taking stock we especially note the good things about ourselves, the talents, abilities, beauties, and whatever else is good and right out loud so the world can hear we rejoice in those. 

Rejoicing is one way of thanking God. Denying we have any good is abusing God, and no one wants to be guilty of that!

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