Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Truth Tools To The Rescue

Thanks to all of you who gave me movie suggestions! (See yesterday's post!) I appreciate it, and welcome more ideas. I'd like to make a long list so if you haven't given me your input, do! Once the list becomes more complete I'll share it with all of you.

The Good News! today is that negative emotions don't have to destroy our happiness.

As we've talked about before, the descent into the Pit of Illusion happens when negative emotions assail us and we give in to them. Once in a while these negative emotions serve to warn us that we should do something constructive to correct a problem, but for the most part negative emotions are destructive and not constructive.

When we are feeling sad it is usually because of a loss, but as the emotion begins to overwhelm us, the loss always seems much bigger than it really is. When we feel anger it is usually because we think someone has tresspassed against us, and when we feel fear, it is usually because we feel we are in physical or emotional danger. Again when first feeling these negative emotions the tresspass and/or danger seem greater than they really are.

That's why the Truth Tools are so valuable; they stop us from falling into the Pit and give us time to recognize that we are exaggerating the problem. When we Live in Truth we see things more clearly.

So at the first sign of a negative emotion, instead of dwelling on the feeling, pull outyour Truth Tool Box and put the Tools to work. Stay in the realm of peace and joy!

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