Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Eternal Family

I'm in South Carolina! We traveled all day yesterday arriving just in time to accompany our grandson's fiance to the temple for the first time. It was a wonderful evening--so full of joy and happiness and everything good. I am so grateful for eternal families! And I'm especially grateful for my family. They are wonderful.

Tonight my mother flies in--remember, the one who a few months ago broke nine ribs and her clavicle. She has healed well, and is coming for the wedding of my first grandchild to marry and her first great-grandchild to marry. It is a momentous occasion.

This afternoon D3 arrives with her family. Tomorrow D4 and D5 arrive. And then Saturday is the wedding. I wish more of the family could come, but with all the little grandchildren and duties the others have, it just isn't possible. But because we are bound for eternity the others will be here in spirit, and that adds to the joy.


Mike and Julie said...
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Mike and Julie said...

What a beautiful family time!

Wendi said...

We enjoyed being together with about half of our family in Hawaii at my brother's sealing as well. I'm thankful to hear that your mother recovered so nicely. Congratulations to your grandson and his fiance. :)