Monday, June 18, 2012

Life Comes To Us

Amazing things happen when you are Living in Truth. Life comes to you and you perceive and intuit things that normally wouldn't because you are so busy fretting and stewing and stressing and worrying, etc. But when we drop all that negative stuff and are open to whatever comes we discover amazing and delightful things.

For example, this trip I met some wonderful new friends, I saw some beautiful scenery, danced with my grandsons, and discovered that one of my ancestors fought in the battle of Camden during the Revolutionary War. So here I am in Camden where he fought and married one of his commander's daughters. (My vivid imagination is having a great time weaving the story of that one!) He took his wife back to Tennessee and from there one of their daughters joined the LDS Church and eventually moved West.

Thursday and today I am going to be on the very land that the battle was fought on and all week I've been in Camden. Who knows what forests the two lovers strolled through or what lanes they traveled down as they courted or even which of these old homes they were perhaps married in?

In this case, I'm really enjoying my now by thinking about their then!

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