Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Job, A Career, or A Calling?

When a person Lives in Truth, which means he or she is living in the present moment, amazing things happen. One of those things is that we feel a peaceful sense of who we are and what we are to do. It is as if we are being called to a higher calling, but there is no stress or worry associated with the feeling, simply a peace in knowing what we are about.

To understand this better let's look at the distinction sociologists make between a job, a career, and a calling. A job is something you do for money or for some other reason you feel like you have to do it. You'd rather be doing something else, but to eat or fulfill others expectations you do it. A career you do because you are seeking advancement. You are after the promotions that will make you feel better than the people around you--being "above" or "over" everyone else is what motivates you. A
calling, on the other hand, is performed because something deep inside you says this is the thing to do. You want to contribute to help others to make things better.

With a job, if there is no reward involved the person won't do the job. With a career, if there is no chance to be elevated over others the person begins to look elsewhere or goes numb. With a calling when obstacles arise the person's determination intensifies and they try even harder.

When we Live in Truth we know our calling and respond to it because we are in touch with our highest self and despite adversity, trials, temptations or what other obstacles life offers us we understand the Good News! that there is something more than money or prestige or power and that knowledge gives us peace to do and be what we are called to do and be.

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Wendi said...

I really appreciate all I've learned from you about living in the present moment. Thanks! :)