Friday, June 1, 2012

The Monkey Trap

We've all heard how easy it is to catch a monkey. You simply put something the monkey wants inside a container that has an opening just big enough for the monkey to put an empty hand inside. The monkey puts its hand in, grabs the object, and with the object in hand can no longer get his hand out of the jar. The simple solution would be to let go, but the stubborn, greedy monkey refuses to let go and is taken into bondage.

It isn't difficult to see the comparison here to monkey's and people who cling to unnecessary pain. When we cling to past offenses, or hold grudges, or refuse to forgive ourselves or others or any other of the things that fall into the category of unnecessary pain we are acting just like monkeys. We are stubbornly putting ourselves into bondage to the pain and suffering that ensue.

But all we need to do to be free of the pain is let go. It is so simple! Just let go of the grievance and the pain disappears.

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