Thursday, June 21, 2012


I hate to admit this, but one of the things that sends me into the Pit of Illusion is annoying things people do. For example, when people chew ice it sends shivers up my back and into my scalp like what happens when fingernails scratch a chalkboard. Or the other day when I was was in a movie and the person next to me kept opening wrapped pieces of candy and the crinkle sound distracted and annoyed me. Or when someone is giving me directions and they put their hand on my back and push me in the direction they want to go, even though it is a gentle nudge I get defensive! There, I've admitted it: these quirky annoyances send me into the Pit of Illusion.

I've realized for a long time that I shouldn't let little things like this bother me, but I've never been able to find a Truth Tool that stopped the negative feelings fast enough. Instead I'd find myself in the Pit and then use a Tool to get out, but I wanted to stay out instead of climb out.

Well recently I discovered a new application of one of the Truth Tools that works FAST to keep me from falling! As soon as I feel the annoyance beginning to spew its poison inside me, I simply say (aloud if possible and if not silently to myself), "Thank you." As you recognize, it is the Gratitude Tool, but usually the Gratitude Tool is all about counting my blessings, and it at first seemed odd to say thank-you when annoyed, but just saying the words dispels the negative feelings magically. Often, without even trying, the natural next thing to happen is I discover why I should be thankful for whatever has happened and I find myself thinking something like, "Thank you for teaching me patience," or "Thank you for helping me learn to love" or "Thank you for helping me recognize and overcome my quirks."

It's a little thing, but it works! For years I've heard people call the phrase thank you "magic words," but now I know why. When I feel annoyed thank you is the abra-ca-dabra formula that keeps me Living in Truth


Anonymous said...

I will try this :). I have struggled my entire life with having, creating contention in my life. I decided I would create harmony in my life awhile ago. Since I decided to not create contention, I have avoided arguments and such, but I still struggle with the feelings and with being abrupt with others. I have memorized Alma 7:23 (on being humble, submissive, easily entreated) and Moroni 7:45+ (on not being easily provoked, being patient and longsuffering), but this may be the additional tool that I need also :). Thank you for sharing.

Anissa said...

Thank you! I feel lucky that I am one that gets to call you mom. Love ya.

Michaela Stephens said...

Love this! I will work on using it.